Our History
This family-owned business has a service to offer that is difficult to come by in the construction industry. Our president, Dennis, has been in the construction industry for over 40 years, beginning as a young boy working with his father’s construction business. Dennis’ son, Denver, similarly grew up working for his father. Denver had a desire to expand the service and opportunities 4-D offered and received his bachelor’s degree in Architectural Science from the University of Illinois. Now, 4-D has continued their success in quality built products and added a design aspect that exceeds client’s expectations. Mike Petersen, owner of Petersen Chevrolet, quotes "Denver was able to handle the entire process, including all of the drawings and communications with Ginsler and General Motors". We take great joy in being able to provide design development ideas early on in the construction process. A good portion of our projects in the past 6 years (since Denver graduated) have developed from months of design work and in some cases have taken years before the construction begins. We appreciate this opportunity to build relationships with our clients that will continue beyond the course of a project.